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15 Mouth-Watering Sweets of India that Tickles Your Tongue

best sweets of india

We Indians, are by nature very much attracted towards sweets and in our tradition too there is very much involvement of various sweets. We have curated the traditional delicious sweets from North to South as well East to West India that have won the hearts from their divine tastes. So, this post is dedicated to the sweet lovers as we bring to you 15 sweets from 15 different states of India. Lets start the journey into the World of Sweets of India.

best sweets of india

1. Shri Ganesha Deva Shri Ganesha Deva, Lets have his favourite dish from Maharashtra-Modak

To start off with any good work, rather any work, we worship Lord Ganesha. Lets start with the same here.


2. Relishing Jammu and Kashmir’s Shufta


The ingredients of Shufta include Cheese, nuts, raisins, ghee and many such items making it all the more delicious.

3. Coming down to Himachal Pradesh, there is Dabroo


Made of Milk, Wheat Flour, Ghee and Sugar, this dish taste great and will be in your memories of good times whenever you plan to visit Himachal Pradesh.

4. Uttarakhand’s Bal Mithai and Singori’s taste is unforgettable

singori     bal mithai

5. Tasted the Ghevar of Rajasthan?


Ghevar is a very famous dish of Rajasthan which is popularly made during the time of Raksha Bandhan to maintain the sweetness of the brother-sister relationship on the auspicious occasion.

6. Sadde Punjab di Panjiri


Panjiri is a food snack of Punjab which is usually served in the winters to fight off the cold. From the begining, it has been served to nursing mothers for its nutritional value.

7. Andher Nagri Chaupat Raja. Take Ser Bhaaji, Take Ser ‘Khaaja’ from Bihar


Lets have some taste of North-East as well

8. Who can forget the Mouth Watering West Bengal’s Rasogolla


I just can’t hold myself back from having a Rasogolla now. Lets go to the restaurant and have one.

9. Manipur’s Chakhao Kheer made of Black Rice


Have you heard of Black Rice? If not, try this amazing dish from Manipur which will change your mouth’s taste.

10. Next is Assam’s Narikolor Laru

narikol ladoo

11. Moving slowly towards Southern India, Lets talk of Andhra Pradesh’s Khumani ka Meetha


12. Lets have some taste of the smallest state Goa’s Bebinca


13. Uttar Pradesh ki Balusahi ka Swaad. Its Just Yummm!!


14. Basundi is from Gujrat


15. Aren’t we missing Central India? Here comes Mawa Bati from Madhya Pradesh

mawa bati

So, we have come to the end of journey that we started into the World of Sweets of India. I am really starving to eat these sweets just by seeing these pictures above. I am quite sure you people might be feeling the same as I do. I hope you like this post on Indian Sweets, just hit Share and Like button to express your feelings. If you are overwhelmed from these sweets, we would love to hear from you in the comment section below where you can share your best sweet from above. If you think some sweets are missing from this list, just share below and we will update this list.

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