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5 Places Where Humans Are Not Allowed To Visit


The humans have been known for their love to explore and visit new places. From ancient times, it has been a trend to keep some places away from humans. The places were made to keep some master piece of Mother Nature away from human interference so they continue to be in their own habitat and flourish while some places were there to keep human safe from some dangerous creations of nature. So, let’s know about such 5 places where humans are not allowed to visit.

Let’s have a thrilling ride to the 5 Places where humans are not allowed to visit:

  1. Snake Island, Brazil: Yes! You heard it right, Ilha da Queimada Grande is popularly known as ‘The Snake Island’. The most dangerous place in the list of places where humans are not allowed to visit is The Snake Island. As the name suggests, one can clearly guess why humans are not allowed to visit the place. This island is situated 93 miles from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Researchers say that in this island, there are 1-5 snakes per sq. meter. Not only this, the horrifying thing is that these snakes are very large and is considered to be the home to the most venomous snake of the world, Golden Lenshead. The snake is so venomous that its’ venom can rot the human flesh. For the safety of the sea passengers, Brazil did make a Lighthouse in the island so to keep them away from this island. This light house was operated by a family which was soon found to be dead. Now the lighthouse has been automated and banned the human interference in the area.snake island
  2. Area 51, Nevada USA: Coming to the second place in the list, it is Area 51. Area 51 is also known as the United States Air Force Facility. Situated in Nevada, this area is famous for its mysterious incidents that take place. The main reason behind creating this airbase is still unknown but it is said that this base was for the testing of new aircrafts but few say that a destroyed UFO is kept in the area and research is conducted on the dead alien.Area 51
  3. North Sentinal Island, India: This Island in the archipelago of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, which is home to the people from the Central East. These are the people who are still living the Stone Age lives. They don’t like anyone from another place to come to their land which makes it difficult to communicate with them and if anyone tries to enter their territory, they attack them with arrows and javelins. This island got to be there in the list of places where humans are not allowed to visit.North Sentinal island
  4. Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center, Virginia: This is a civil command facility situated in US Commonwealth’s state of Virginia. This place is to provide safety to the US military and government senior officials at the time of any emergency like nuclear attack. It is said that there is an underground facility which is capable of handling any disastrous events. This facility can provide safety to 200 people for 30 days. This place deserves to be in places where humans are not allowed to visit.5 Places where humans are not allowed to visit
  5. Mezhgorye, Russia: Situated in Russia, it is home to two military battalions of Russia which are responsible for the security of Secret Nuclear Missile Base. It is said that this missiles have sensors in them which helps it to attack the designated place in case of any nuclear attack.Mezhgorye

Hope you got goose bumps after knowing about these places especially the Snake Island! So, these were 5 places where humans are not allowed and now we know why they are kept secret from the rest of the world.

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