Home Health Do you know your belly button has surprising healing powers?

Do you know your belly button has surprising healing powers?

Heal Menstrual Cramps, Dry Lips, Common Cold and Acne by stimulating your belly button.

Heal body by belly button

Everyone has a navel which is also known as belly button. But do you know your belly button has surprising healing powers? Yes, it has immense magical healing powers that can heal various pains and problem of yours. This is the same place from where the umbilical cord comes in. Umbilical is a flexible tube which carries nutrients, oxygen from mother to the baby. That’s why it is also known as beginning of life.

By stimulating your belly button, you can heal your body. It improves your blood circulation, heal various skin problems and helps you in calming you mind and body.

How To Treat Health Issue by Stimulating Belly Button

Here are the various ways to heal your body by stimulating your navel or belly button.

1. Dry Lips

Our lips are the most sensitive part of our body. They have a very thin layer of skin and they do not have any oil glands. Because of this your lips become dry very easy. And if this dryness remains for long, it leads to tearing them apart. Though there are varieties of lip balms available in the market but you can also moisturize your lips by moisturizing your navel.

How To Do?

  1. Take few drops of mustard oil in your palm.
  2. Now dip one of your finger on it.
  3. Apply the oil on your navel and massage it for 2 to 3 minutes.
  4. Do it two to three times daily, your lips will always stay moisturized.

2. Acne

Acne is a very common problem today, especially in teenagers. One can also get acne due to eating unhealthy food. But once they appear on your face, it becomes very difficult to get rid of them.  Normally we go for some acne relief creams or lotions. But question is how belly button is helpful in healing it.

How To Do?

  1. Take few drops of neem oil in your palm.
  2. Now dip your finger in it and apply it on your navel.
  3. Massage the oil with your finger on your navel for 2 to 3 times in a day.
  4. Within few days you will notice the results.

common cold

3. Menstrual Cramps

Most of the woman have to suffer painful cramps during their periods. Cramps are so severe that it takes all your energy out of you and leave in you in tears. There are several ways to treat cramps both medically as well as naturally. Pour some brandy on your navel and ease your cramp pain.

How To Do?

  1.  Take a small amount of brandy in a bowl.
  2. Now dip a small cotton pod in the the bowl.
  3. Drab the cotton on your belly button.
  4. Whenever you feel like cramping, do the process, it will ease your pain.

4. Common Cold

Do you know you can also treat your running nose by stimulating your belly button or navel. Just pour small amount of alcohol in your belly button and get rid of sneezing and irritation due to cold.

How To Do?

  1. Pour small amount of alcohol in a bowl.
  2. Now take a cotton ball.
  3. Dip the cotton ball on the bowl.
  4. Apply the alcohol on your navel with cotton ball.

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