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Things That You Should Never Do After Your Breakup

things you should never do after breakup

One of the worst feeling of the world is when one experience heartbreak. Breakups are one of the unfortunate rites of your life that are sometime just meant to happen. After breakup one feels emotional break down and gets confused, and wish to stay lonely. And because of the emotional breakdown people end up doing certain things that you should never do after your breakup. Breakup is one of the most sensible and painful decision as it prevents you from getting more hurt in future. Many people even lose their confidence level right after their breakups. And with constant breakups they starting blaming themselves like it’s all their fault and there is sometime wrong with them because of which people leave them.

We end up a relationship hoping that now we won’t get hurt anymore in the future but that’s not the reality. The real and most painful and stressful life begin when two people break their relation. One of the biggest things that one should do is trust yourself that your decision is absolutely right. You might face situations like questioning yourself that why and what the hell am I going, missing all those moments etc. And because of all those moments we end up doing things like drunk and dialing your ex, getting sympathy for others etc. And then later you realize that why the hell I did all these mistakes again. So in order to avoid all these mistakes that we end up committing right after our breakup.

things you should never do after breakup

Things That You Should Never Do After Your Breakup

1. Stalking Your Ex

stalking your ex

Constantly calling and texting every day your ex is one thing that you must. Constantly checking your phone that whether there is any reply or not. Checking Facebook account, Twitter account and Whatsapp account for getting updates about the current status of your ex. In short constantly stalking your ex is one habit that you must avoid after your breakup. As now days social media is very dangerous like it is one of the biggest headache. Make few rules regarding using any of the social account after your breakup.

• Never post anything related to your breakup on any of the social media.
• Avoid peeping into your ex’s account for getting updates about his or her life.

2. Staying Cool and Pretending like Everything is Fine

pretend everything is fine

Trying to stay normal and staying with your friends, by trying not to stay alone are some of the mistakes that we commit. But in reality one should sit back all alone deal with the situation and then try to get over the breakup. Even if you feel hurt, angry then always keep it on your mind that is completely fine.

3. Avoid Blaming

blaming others

Never ever blame your ex or yourself for the breakup. Instead of blaming each other it would be better if you try to relive with those beautiful moments that you both spend with each other. Even if your breakup happened because of any third person then also you should not try to blame him or her. Don’t try to remember the wrong things that made your relationship go worst. So never try blame yourself or your ex even if you are going through the most difficult phase of your life.

4. Get a New Look

get new look

Right after our breakup we start making hasty decision like getting a new look and getting a tattoo. Getting a new look may satisfy you initially but in long run it will not. As all these hasty decisions are not going to keep you happy. Many of us even start getting dressed up differently and start uploading different kind of photos. Trying new looks and uploading cool and sexy pictures that one should never try to do.

5. Get Into a New Relationship

new relationship

One of the simplest way to avoid the most difficult situations that will arise after breakup is by getting into a new relationship. After breakup we end up looking for someone who could understand us and who could just distract our mind. And for distracting us one of the simplest way is to move on into a brand new relationship. But the relationship made right after your breakups is never going to be good decision as it will be your another big mistake.

6. Stay Friends

stay friends

Don’t ever think of staying friends with your ex as nothing can be more painful than being alone after painful. As when were in a relationship with your ex then the equation between you both would be completely different. While after breakup when you become friends with your ex your equation changes completely. An you might not be ready for accepting the changes that arise in between you and your ex and this thing might hurt you more.


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