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Your Body’s Health Meter – The White Part on Your Nails

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Health is Wealth! Our ancestors have said this and very rightly so. If you are healthy, you could do anything and if you are not; everything seems to go the other way round. The body has its own signs to tell about the body’s condition whether it is healthy or not, but we tend to ignore few signs and the about the others we are ignorant. So, today we will tell you about the health meter of the body and the various signs and what does they signify about your health.

The Body’s Health Meter ‘Lunula-the white part of the nail’- Signs to Look Out For:

The white part on your nails is the health meter of your body which shows different signs. Let’s know about the signs of the health meter.

  1. If the White part is present on all your nails: This is a very good sign and shows that you are healthy and fit, but it is an alarm when it starts to decrease and you need to take care of your health.Thumbnail1
  2. If the Lunula is present only on the thumbs: This is a sign which signifies that you are physically weak and are prone to the diseases. So if this is the sign, you need to take care about your body and especially concentrate on improving your diet. This also signifies your weak digestion and a slow metabolic rate.lunula- the health meter
  3. Lunula shows your personality: Lunula is also associated with the bodily disorders regarding depression, vitamin B-12 and iron deficiency and also with the glands. So, if you have that White part-the body’s health meter on your all your nails you ought to have a dynamic and vibrant personality.

So now you know, what to look out for when you are concerned about your health too much. Just don’t visit the doctor but recognise your health yourself and will help you save the doctor’s fee.

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