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DRAMA : 7 to 9


In the 21st century with advancement in technology India not only marked its impact in the entire world but also opened doors for the entire world to share , learn and interact with the very exciting  Indian citizens who not only tends to learn things fast but also manipulate things in most entertaining way be it making sense or be it senseless.

So friends what about Indians Tv Serials. My these lines could be an pure evidence that Indians serials resemble stories that are miles away from a word called “SENSE” . Indians wife (because of there dominating nature over husband) are world famous and become a serious matter of jokes in almost all comedy shows.

So let us discuss some common trends in Indians tv serials :

  1. TITLE of serial would surely be a famous line of some highly hit song always stolen never original.
  2. Though every serial promises different story but as time goes drama remains the same.
  3. Casting of celebrities are also very interesting. 2 or 3 family members would definitely play a villian role that others in the family would not even imagine.
  4. Love birds in every serial would start from fighting with each other. Soon after they always fall in mad love.
  5. Now there love also is very exciting. It will be accepeted by either one of the family either boys family or girl family
  6. Now even when families are ready there are some 2 or 3 villians that always create some sorts of problem for love birds.
  7. Female villian is most impotant tool for the TRPs in Indian context
  8. Only the lead role would know the bad intentions of the villian in the tv serials but would fail to convey it to the other family members due to lack of evidence.
  9. Marriage events are very dramatic. There will always be a 3rd person entry before completing 7 rounds(according to Hindu Rituals)
  10. Single marriage are a joke . More than 2 marriage are guaranteed.
  11. Lead role of the serials are kidnapped almost twice, shown dead almost 3 times. However there always been an concept of Reincarnation thats is highly dramatic and senseless.
  12. Background sounds are more interesting truly matching with the emotions of the celebtities.
  13. Misunderstandings are always there amongst the couples in an leading role.
  14. Always a chance of some 3rd person loving the one who is already married .


Well these are not enough. It would take me years to gather all those that are shown in these dramatic ones. Indians womens will miss there important events for there tv serials and discuss within a bunch of serial lovers.

Sports lovers always suffers because of these terrible serials.That long wait when serials are completed rejuvinated the male in the family. Hope people like me understand what I go through in the dangerous time of 7 to 9



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