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How It Is Like Going To an All Girls School

How It Is Like Going To an All Girls School

Have you ever been in ALL girls school? Well many of us have attended ALL girls school some might have end up with the best days of their life while others might have not as there are no boys in the campus. I still remember how girls used to adjust their skirt length and turning their two ponies into a single ponytail. And teasing boys from the school bus while going back to home and also if any girl used to have a boyfriend in the class it used to became a big topic for gossip. So here are some of the memories that only girls would know who have been to ALL Girls school.

  • Adjusting the length of the skirt and folding of Sleeves

Girls loved folding their skirts while coming to schools as that would look cool among others. But due to some factors like decencies they had to wear long skirts at school that would make them look moreover like an aunty.

  • Turning Two Ponytails into One Ponytail

As in school girls were asked to tie their hairs properly specially two pony but none of us like to make two pony. But we had to follow the rules but while coming back those ponies used to very nicely get converted into a single pony.

  • Having Crush On the Male Teachers

Having crush on teachers is one the most commonly heard gossip among the girls. Even though only few male teachers would be there in the school still those male teachers would be the hot gossip topic among the girls.

  • When One of Our Friend Would Become Committed

The whole class would get crazy when one of their batch mate or friend would start dating someone. That would be another hot topic to discuss and listening to her romantic stories that took place between the couple.

  • When Boys Used To Visit Their School

One of the most exciting days of their life will be when boys from all-boys would visit their school. Selecting boys from the lot and looking for the chance how could they get a chance to interact. Not only this one of the most common comment passed is” Mjhe Dekha.. Smile Maare Mjhe Dekh K..” 😛

  • Teasing Boys From School Bus

Teasing boys from school bus must have been done by all the girls. Saying Hello and passing comments was one of the favorite activities among the girls no matter how old they are? Passing comment or teasing was necessary.

  • Visiting Best Friends House and Returning With A Huge Crush on Her Brother

Well many of you must have had crush on your best friend’s brother and many would have even dated him if given chance or got opportunity. And visiting again and again to her house just to meet and get a chance to interact with you new crush.

  • Keep This As A Secret With Yourself

Well girls love sharing things with their friends quoting at the end “Secret Hai Kisi Ko Batana Mat”.. But in the reality the whole school knows it as everyone used to share with their friend using the same line.

  • Reading Love stories Where Just Like A Part of Course


Girls just love reading love stories like Temptations and Mills and Boon where the favorite books of the girls and were given equal importance as given to their textbooks.

  • Take Swear To Never Attend Any ALL Girl College

After taking experience from their school life all the ALL girls take a swear to never ever attend any ALL girl college in life.


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