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5 People With Real Superpowers Caught On Tape!

people with superpowers

Shockingly people with real superpowers do exists in this world. It’s no more limited to any fiction story of a superhero saving the lives of millions of people. Some strange unusual activities are captured in CCTV cameras from different parts of the world. One of the youtube channel named Amazing Vlog recently published a video which can be taken as an epitome evidence of superhuman existence on this earth.

people with superpowers

Guy in this video by no means looks like iron man with his super power nor does a captain america, but he does share something common with these fiction heroes.

This video is shot in Hong Kong where a man takes a video of a lady having a photo shoot when suddenly a black hood wearing guy appears into the picture.

At first instance, nothing seems to be unusual but the very next moment we see this guy quite disturbed with strange blue light glowing from his palms.

He keeps walking but when he realizes that he is being filmed, he starts running away from camera.

Cameramen follows this strange guy, but mysteriously this guy comes in front of a moving bus but nothing happens.

In next frame, cameramen gets shocked to see this guy sitting over a roof of bus stop and suddenly disappears.

In this next video, a woman with superpowers is seen using her telekinesis power in a grocery store.

In first footage we could see she helping other person to get something from top shelf. But as she picks the item from top shelf, her back glows with white light illuminating from her black hood.

In the next footage, this strange woman seems preventing a young girl from getting hit by a shopping cart. She seems to be using some kind of telekinesis power in this video.

See how –


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