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Wake Up India

wake up India

Yes, we have to Really Wake Up. No, its not a Slang but a movie that did not get the publicity it deserves but that is the movie that reveals the truth of Present day India and its Democracy. India is a country where a movie like Ra One and other movies with not such a message or effective themes get such a publicity just because of having big star cast in the movie but where is the place for a movie which deserves a higher strata in the movie world. When will the Indians grow up and movies like this will the right kind of treatment. I am a patriotic person and feel shame at disclosing this but this is the bitter reality of the other side of the coin that go really unnoticed.

wake up India

Do we Indians only need some kind of entertainment? We talk of India being such a diverse country, having so many cultures and talk about so many things. We all know that India is ranked very high in the list of countries that are deeply affected by a deadly disease named corruption and it is slowly and steadily engulfing the whole economy.

We only talk about India being affected by corruption but we don’t initiate an action, this movie could inspire at least a few who would say, ‘Its Enough’ and do something and light a fire against corruption.

Released in October 2013, the movie clearly shows the happenings in India and various groups of people who try to derive out their benefits from that incident, but where is the common man involved in all this?

The movie revolves around a boy and a girl who want to provide basic infrastructure of roads, electricity and water supply to their village and they tried their level best and left no stone unturned to achieve their aim, but failing to reach their goal they planned something else. It was to blame the Chief Minister with the charge of Rape. The Chief minister being a noble person tried to know the reason of her accusing him of the charge.

In the meanwhile, the story shows the tactics played by various ministers, political parties (opposition) and also Mahila Mandal to gain popularity. It is a must watch movie to understand what plays at the background of such events.

Lets Wake Up Now! Raise Voice against Corruption.