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Amit Shah says Mahatma Gandhi ‘a chatur baniya’ wanted to dissolve Congress

Amit Shah on addressing to collection of eminent person in Chattisgarh says that Mahatma Gandhi is a very clever Baniya. Parties demands aplology

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New Delhi, June 10: In an event in Chattisgarh on Friday, Amit Shah referred Mahatma Gandhi as ‘bahut chatur baniya’. Amit Shah in a statement said “Bahut chatur baniya tha woh, usko maloom tha aage kya hone waala hai’.

Amit Shah was addressing to the collection of eminent persons on the second day of his three day visit to Chattisgarh. This visit was organised in order to strengthen the party position for the election of Year 2018.

Well, this statement of Amit Shah gave the politicians the task of commenting on BJP. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee ask Amit Shah to withdraw his statement and apologies for the same. She said “He should withdraw his comment and apologise. It is a deliberate act. It is unfortunate, uncalled for and unethical.”

Amit Shah also attacked Congress party saying that at the time of independence, Congress party was used just as a tool. It also used to be a party that consists of left and right, socialists and communist and everyone.

While addressing he said “The Congress is not a party based on one ideology or one principle, it is a special purpose vehicle to gain independence…this is why Mahatma Gandhi with foresight, he was a very clever baniya, he knew what was going to happen, he said immediately after independence that the Congress should be dissolved.”

On one hand he attacked Congress then on the other hand praises the clear approach of Bhartiya Janata Party.

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