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Presidential Election to be held on July 17, results will declare on 20 July

Election Commission has announced the Presidential Election date on July 17. The results of the poll to be announced on July 20

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New Delhi, June 7: The tenure of President Pranab Mukherjee is about to end, country has started to prepare for the Presidential election. Election commission today release the notification regarding Presidential poll and result date.

The Presidential election will be held on July 17. The Chief Election Commissioner also clarifies that all the members of Parliament and Legislative Assembly has the freedom of vote as well as not to vote. Parties cannot force their members to vote according to them.

According to the latest updates, BJP is just 1.7 percent votes short to make their candidate as President of India. Hence it is clear that Congress and other opposition party have to do something that they are able to make their candidate as President. The important thing is that the nominated member should be accepted by all. At this point of time BJP is at advantage.

But according to the situation going on, it is BJP party who is having upper hand. On the other hand opposition parties such as Trinamool Congress, Janata Dal and Congress Party are looking for a candidate who is acceptable by all. For knowing who will become the President of India, we have to wait for the results that are to be announced on July 20

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