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Tejas Express Reached 1 Min early even after 3 hours delay in Departure

ejas Express reached Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus 1 minute early even after 3 hours delay in departure. The train travels at 153 kmph speed to compensate

Tejas express

Mumbai, June 12: The most surprising news came for the passengers of Tejas express came when the train drops its passengers 1 minute early even after having 3 hours delay in departure. This luxury train has the capability of running at 200 kmph.

The train left at 10:30 am from Goa Railway Station and has to travel 750 kms to reach Mumbai at 7:44 pm. At usual times, the train left from Goa at 7:30 am and reach at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus at 7:45 pm.

This is the first run of Tejas Express in the monsoon season and is expected to complete the journey in 12 to 15 hours. According to Konkan Railway spokesperson LK Verma, the reason behind the delay of train was the late arrival of an empty coach from Mumbai. He further added “The changed timetable led to the delay. This train is always on time otherwise.”

According to our sources, Tejas express reached Kudal 2 hours and 17 minutes late. Then it reached Ratnagiri 1 hour late and Panvel 14 minutes late. The speed of train between Karmali and Kudal was 153 kmph. Travel travels between Kudal and Ratnagiri at 137 kmph speed and Ratnagiri to Panvel at 125 kmph. This was done to compensate the delayed hours.

The Executive class fare with food is Rs. 2,940 and without food is 2,540. The Chair Car fare Rs 1,850 with food and Rs 1,220 without food. However when train reaches Mumbai Railway Station, it was 1 minute early. This leave every passenger in surprise as well as make Indians proud of their development.

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