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Grenfell Tower Fire: 12 dead, fire broke due to fridge explosion

12 people died in London Grenfell tower, death toll is expected to rise further. Reports says fire broke out due to fridge explosion at the fourth floor

London grenfell tower fire

London, June 15: According to the latest reports, 12 people have died and several critically injured in London Grenfell Tower fire. More than 200 fire fighters are still trying to control the Grenfell tower fire and rescue operation is still on.

The news of fire at London Grenfell tower comes at around 1 am in the morning on Wednesday. There are 120 flats where more than 200 people lived. The building is 24 storey resulting in creating problems in controlling the fire as the fire brigades are able to reach just up to 12th floor of the building.

According to the latest reports 12 people have been died and several are critically injured. The death toll is expected to rise in the coming hours after seeing the critical condition of the people. Well fire fighters have given their hundred percent efforts still they are not able to control the fire even after 24 hours.

Till now no actual reason of how the fire broke out has been found. But there are reports that there is explosion in a refrigerator on fourth floor which results in the fire. There are reports that there is eyewitness as well. According to Times of India “I heard a man telling another about the explosion reported by his neighbour. When the incident happened, they didn’t have a clue the fire would engulf the whole building,” said the eyewitness Safiyah Wallden”

People of the apartment even complained the higher authorities about the unavailability of the proper safety measures in the apartment but the authorities completely ignored it.

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