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Pakistan shows India’s Red Fort as Lahore Shalimar Garden in Shanghai Corporation Organisation

Pakistan shows Delhi's Red Fort as Lahore's Shalimar garden in Shanghai Corporation Organisation. SCO organizers apologize for the mistake

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Beijing, June 15: In a banquet event of Shanghai Corporation Organisation has to get embarrassed in front of several countries. Pakistan Portrayed Delhi’s Red Fort as Lahore’s Shalimar Garden. Well Red Fort along with Shalimar Garden was in Pakistan tableau in which caption was saying “Fort and Shalimar Garden in Lahore (1981).”

However diplomats from both the countries pointed the mistake to the organizers. Organizers apologize for the same and said it was a mistake and they didn’t cross check as this is the first even that involves India and Pakistan. One of the Pakistani lady who attended the tableau said “This is a goof-up. Indians and Pakistanis are friends.” quoted by news agency IANS.

Shanghai Corporation Organisation event was attended by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Indian envoy Vijay Ghokle, ambassador from Pakistan and other member nations of Shanghai Corporation Organisation.

According to PTI reports, today in SCO headquarters, the flag of India and Pakistan will raise and the envoy of India and Pakistan will beat the drum. Last week India and Pakistan become member of Astana Summit.

The group now consists of China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, India and Pakistan.

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