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Gulf crisis: Saudi King ask Pakistan Prime Minister ‘Are you with us or Qatar’

Saudi King ask Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif 'Are you with us or Qatar' in Gulf crisis. Pakistan said it won't take sides which result in division of Muslims

gulf crisis

Islamabad, June 14: As we all know that Saudi Arabia along with 4 more countries have break their diplomatic ties with Qatar. Today Saudi King ask Pakistan Prime Minister ‘Are you with us or Qatar’. Saudi King ask Nawaz Sharif whether he is on Qatar side or theirs. According to reports, Pakistan has denied to take anyone’s side in the Gulf crisis.

Saudi King ask it when Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif visited Saudi kingdom to find a solution to the Gulf crisis. However, Saudi King made it clear to Pakistan that it has to take a clear position on Qatar during the meeting in Jeddah on Monday.

To this, Pakistan Prime Minister cleared that Pakistan won’t be taking any side in Gulf crisis. Pakistan is trying to walk on a safe path so that it is able to maintain good relation with both the countries.

According to The Tribune newspaper Pakistan said that it won’t take any side that will create differences within the Muslim World. However Pakistan promises Saudi Arabia that it will try to discuss the situation with Qatar taking its advantage over the rich oil country.

In addition to this, according to Saudi Press Agency, King Salman and Sharif discussed the “latest regional developments in addition to bilateral relations. However King Salman not forget to remind Pakistani Prime Minister that “the fight against extremism and terrorism is in the interest of all Muslims and the Ummah”

Saudi Arabia along with UAE, Egypt, Bahrain and Yemen cut off their diplomatic ties with Qatar on June 5 on the ground that its policies are fuelling extremism and terrorism.


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