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10 Most Mysterious Archaeological Discoveries of All Times


Hello friends! Today in this post, we have brought to you the 10 most mysterious archaeological discoveries that are unexplained till now. The archaeologists have found few things that have certain hidden secrets in them and mankind still has no answers to them. So, let’s start the countdown for the World’s 10 Most Archaeological Discoveries that are still unexplained.

10 Most Mysterious Archaeological Discoveries:

10. Voynich Manuscript: Do you know that Voynich manuscript is considered to be the most mysterious manuscripts in the world. It was discovered in 1912 in Italy, but still nobody knows about the language of the manuscript and not even the writer. A question might be revolving in your minds that what is so special about this manuscript that makes it so special to be in the list? So, the answer to this is that this manuscript has the pictures of such herbal plants that are not found on Earth. Not only this, the manuscript contains many pictures relating to geology, biological and also about the universe which makes it a precious heritage of the world.

voynich manuscript

9. Mount Owen Moa: This story takes us back to 1986, when a group of archaeologists found a massive claw of a bird while drilling in one of the caves in New Zealand. To everyone’s surprise, there was flesh and muscles attached to this claw which had not rotten. Afterwards, the archaeologists got to know that the claw was of a bird species Moa that was extinct more than 2000 years ago. I would like to specify some features of the bird that it stood 12 feet high and weighed around 250kgs. One can get terrified just by imagining that size of a bird, right.

Mount Owen Moa

8. Sacsayhuaman: Sacsayhuaman is a collection of walls which is in Machupichu, Peru. It is believed that its foundation was laid in 1440 and it took 100 years to complete. The walls here are made up of different types of rocks. It is network of walls which ranges about 600m in length with even a single stone in the wall weighing thousands of tonnes. I wonder who would have made that and how was he able to lift those heavy stones at that time when there were no cranes? Still a mystery and so deserves to be on the list of 10 Most Mysterious Archaeological Discoveries Unsolved.

Source: thedailyjournalist.com

7. Nazca Lines: Nazca Lines is another mysterious place which lies in the Peru desert, it is a place where there are various shapes made of white lines. 70 shapes of fauna and 300 geometrical shapes are found, all drawn in white lines. No one has still found that why these were lines were made and who made this? Some people believe that these lines were made by aliens.

nazca lines
Source: ancientsummit.com

6. Gobekli Tepe: Gobekli Tepe is the oldest archaeological discoveries which describe the rock art carvings of the stone-age people. In Gobekli Tepe, the 200 pillars standing tall are center of attraction which is believed to be the worship place of the people at that time.

gobekli tepe
Source: collective-evolution.com

5. Terracotta Army: Let’s come to Zian, China for the number 5 of 10 Most Mysterious Archaeological Discoveries. While digging in Zian in the year 1974, the archaeologists found the largest funeral art ‘Terecotta Army’. There are thousands of statues made of sand which signify the soldiers which were buried with the first king of China Win Chi Huan. Not only this, there were weapons that were also found buried with the statues of soldiers. This Terracotta Army is 2200 years old. The archaeologists are still digging in Zian and which might lead to solving the mystery behind the army.

terracotta army

4. Moai Statues: Eastern Land’s Moai Statues are one of the Most Mysterious Archaeological Sights of the World. These statues are believed to be built by the people of Ropa New between 1300A.D. and 1500A.D. There are 288 such Moai statues in the Eastern Land and they are about 13 feet tall and weigh about 80 tonnes.

moai statues

3. Stonehenge: The next most mysterious archaeological discovery is Stonehenge which is 5000 years old which is in Salisbury, England. This archaeological site is made up of various small and big stones with the tallest stone being 30 feet in height.


2. Pyramid of Giza: Pyramids are one of the 10 most mysterious archaeological discoveries. Generally, many civilisations have made pyramids but the Pyramid of Giza is one of its own type. The Pyramid of Giza has been a part of the ‘Seven Wonders of the World’. It is said that this pyramid was made in 2700 B.C. to keep mummies. It is the oldest and the biggest pyramid of the world which stands tall at 481 feet. The making of the Pyramid of Giza took 20 years to be built, which is in itself a great thing. There is a lot of treasure and mummies in the pyramid.

pyramid of giza
Source: discoveringegypt.com

1. Atlantis City: The lost city ‘Atlantis’ tops the list of Most Mysterious Archaeological Discoveries of the World’. Plato was the one who first talked of such an Island in 360 B.C. It is believed that Atlantis was submerged in the sea during a tsunami but archaeologists have not been able to figure out the truth behind the tsunami story of the lost Atlantis City. Atlantis was created by Poseidon, who is considered to be the Sea God. This city was even larger than the largest continent Asia. Until now, this city still is an unsolved mystery for the archaeologists.


So friends, this was our article on World’s Most Mysterious Archaeological Discoveries that are still mysteries and the archaeologists are trying their best to solve these mysteries. Please like and comment to get more of such articles. You would also like to watch the video as well. SO, here is the video of the same article..


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