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11 Indian Social Media TROLLS That Went Hugely VIRAL!


Due to increasing impact of social media in today precious time people all over the globe use it as a medium to express themselves. They might be a genius in doing so and gathering people support or they might be a person getting trolled. Here I bring some most trolled persons in India

1. ALIA BHATT for her GK(General Knowledge)

Best jokes : (Alia Bhatt is so dumb that she thought Pani Puri, Sev Puri are all relatives of Amrish Puri)

alia bhatt

2. ANUSHKA SHARMA for her boyfriend VK(Virat Kohli) :

“Koyal boli,

Duniya boli,

Anushka ke chakkar

mah barbaad ho gaya kohli.”

 Anushka, you made NH10 but Virat didn’t even make  runs 10


3. AAMIR KHAN for his PK – for his movie poster. He always does something different for promoting his movies.


4. AAP for its AK(Arvind Kejriwal) – his rule if applied than he would file case against 130 crore people living in India as he feels everyone is thief except his party members.


5. Samajwadi Party for its controversial  minister AK (Azam Khan): he is always in the news for its unwanted and sarcastic comments.

azam khan

6. Rahul gandhi – always trolled after loosing 2014 lokshaba elections: Whatever he does everything goes against him and his congress party.

rahul gandhi

7. Sajid khan – for making movies like Hamshakals and Himmatwaala: These are almost if someone is forcing you to watch these movies and you get paid but still you wont watch.sajid khan

8. Alok nath – for his famous bappu ji roles in bollywood movies and also in tv serials. His jokes were very popular and in almost every cell phones.

alok nath

9. RoBert Vadra – for his hidden scams and “DAMADJI” tag. Big focus by opposition party for dragging people attention towards another congress scams.daamand-240-vadra


10. Manmohan singh – for keeping silence and working by following instructions of Sonia Gandhi.


11. Shreesanth for IPL – After coming in limelight for involving in fixing during ipl 2013:


11. BJP’s 15 lakh rupees in every bank account – they promised that they would bring black money with in 100 days of forming government and every individual would get rs 15 lakh in his /her bank account. Later Congress party distributed 15 lakh blank cheques just to make a joke of Bjp party on this issues.

15 lakh


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