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The Twin-City – More Than 550 Twins Kodinhi (Kerela)


India, a land which poses so many surprises for everyone,whether be it in terms of spiritual knowledge, economical aspects, Unity in Diversity and many more of such surprises which keeps people amazed. India being famous for different types of tourism like religious tourism, ecotourism and others have still many layers to unfold which keeps our eyes wide opened with amazement. Kodinhi Village in Kerela (India) is famous for its twins and known as the ‘Twin-City’.

Kodinhi – The Twin-City


We would be surprised to know about the Twin Village in India. Being just a village, it has something that attracts tourists in such large amounts that a committee has been formed to manage the tourists visiting the place.

Kodinhi is a small village in Kerela where people have been having twins for the last three generations. In the west, where mothers give birth to the twin children artificially with the technique known as IVF, the women in Kodinhi deliver twins normally. An interesting fact about the village is that it has more than 550 twins and in the school alone there are 87 twins studying.

I wonder how would the parents identify their child? There might be a lot of confusion, identifying their own child would be a mystery for their own parents. If one is mischievous and did any mischief the other might be punished in the confusion by the teacher.


Hail the Parents, Hail the Teachers of the ‘Twin Village’!

This was so interesting for some people that they carried out researches so as to how could this be possible that a village has been blessed with so many twins? Some said, this could be because of some mineral present in the water of the area that leads to the birth of twins, but later it was found that there was no such thing to be seen but the birth of the twins were natural.


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