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Here are 8 of World’s Most Mysterious Places

richat structure
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Time and again people have shown interest in mysteries, whether it be movies or places and attract humans to solve the untold mystery. There are many places in the world that will take your astonishment about the world to a new level, whether it be the most colourful river in the world or moving rocks and stones. Today, we are going to tell you about World’s 8 most mysterious places. Some of these are places we have been hearing about here and there but some of them are totally unknown to us.

World’s Most Mysterious Places:

So, here we begin our tour to World’s 8 Most Mysterious Places. The countdown starts here:

8. Mount Roraima: Mount Roraima in Brazil is one of the mysterious places in the world where one feels the mountain stands tall among the clouds. The geologists conclude it to be an effect of the changes in the earth’s environment. But, things that make it weird and mysterious are the flora and fauna in the region which are found nowhere else in the world.mount-roraima7. Fly Geyser: Number Seven is the Fly Geyser in the midst of Nevada desert, America is one of its own kind. Fly Geyser is a well which was made to sustain life. It fulfilled the purpose for 45 years but in 1960, the well served warm water which led to the formation of three big walls in the well. These suddenly formed three walls and the Geyser make it one of the World’s 8 Most Mysterious Places.fly geyser6. Bermuda Triangle: Who don’t about Bermuda Triangle? Bermuda Triangle is considered to be the demon of the Atlantic Ocean. It covers the triangle between Bermuda, Miami and St. Juan. Anything that has passed through this place whether it is any airplane or a ship had no signs of where all that had disappeared mysteriously. No one knows the reason behind these events, some say there is a demon which succumbs everything that passes through the Bermuda Triangle the others say there are aliens responsible for these events. Whatever it is, this phenomenon makes the Bermuda Triangle rightfully to be well placed in the list of World’s Most Mysterious Places.

bermuda triangle
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5. Richat Structure: This landmark which is also known as the Eye of Sahara Desert, is known for its structure. It lies in the Ouadane, Mauritania in the Sahara Desert. It is a big circle with a diameter of 40 kms (25 mi). It mysteriously has many deep equidistant circles. Some believe that it is made by the impact of an asteroid but some disagree to it, saying that this structure is natural. But, the question here arises that how could this happen? A circular structure formed naturally is hard to believe.

richat structure
Source: thousandwonders.com

4. Cano Cristales: Cano Cristales occupies 4th position in the list of World’s 8 Most Mysterious Places. Cano Cristales is a river in Colombia which is entitled to be the most beautiful river in the river. The months from September to November are so very precious as you could see various colours in the river like red, pink, yellow, green and blue. This rare interesting feature of the river Cano Cristales makes it third of the world’s most mysterious places.

cano cristales

3. Christ of Abyss: This statue of Jesus Christ of Bronze made by Gaieto Galletti which is underwater in Italy. The statue shows Jesus Christ raising his hands above towards the sky which is considered to be a symbol of peace. It was put under water on 22nd August 1950. People know about the statue but the view a diver gets of the statue once he dives in is just awesome but also make it weird and mysterious.

christ of abyss

2. Salar De Uyuni: Salar De Uyuni in Bolvia is a place that is made by the concentration of salt at one place which is spread over an area of 10,583 kms2. While just looking at it, it looks as a mirror, but when you walk on it, it feels awesome like one is walking on the clouds.

salar de uyuni

1. Death Valley: The wait for the number one place is over. The title of World’s Most Mysterious Places goes to Death Valley, California. This place is famous for its moving rocks and stones. The stones and rocks in Death Valley move mysteriously without the touch of any human or animal. This mysterious movement of rocks make the Death Valley to be the Most Mysterious Place of the World.

death valley

With this, we come to the end of the top 8 of World’s Most Mysterious Places. Hope you like it. Please share your comments and tell us what else we can write on and bring to you new videos.

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