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Must Visit Places In Delhi Which Will Catch Your Eye

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Delhi, the capital of India is a place which is full of places that will steal your heart either with their ambiance, beauty, art work and many more things. The last time I had some time to spend in Delhi, I was searching for some places that I could visit on the internet but could not find them so easily. So in this article, we have brought you a list of must visit places in Delhi and surely will have good memories to share about the places with your friends and near and dear ones. Let’s start with the places:

7 Must Visit Places In Delhi:

  1. Lotus Temple:

    To start up the list of must visit places in Delhi, we start up with Lotus Temple. Lotus Temple, a very famous and ultimate place to visit in Delhi which gets its’ name from its structure which is made as a lotus is a place where one meets serenity. This is named as a temple, but there are no statues or something that is worshiped. It is a place where one meets himself in the hectic life of Delhi where one doesn’t have time for themselves. The people come and sit for some time focusing on anything they love and one can feel the birds chirping.lotus temple

Main Attraction: The main attraction of the Lotus Temple is the evening prayer which includes prayer from the four major religions, i.e., Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and the Sikhism. The melody in the voices of the performers of the prayers will calm your mind from the fast and speedy life of Delhi. Nearest Metro Station: Kalkaji Mandir.

  1. Akshardham:

    Akshardham is another fine piece of art and shows the masterpiece of human’s creation. The whole temple is made very artistically with the main temple surrounded by the statues of elephants. Not only this, there are various stories with each statue and does have a moral with the picture. One who designed the temple seemed a great admirer of elephants and sees life in every single thing that elephants do. Being such a master piece it deserves to be in the list of must visit places in Delhi.akshardham

Main Attraction: The main attraction about the temple is the water show which is organised in the evening and has a great lesson behind it that ego is the root cause of failures we face in our lives. Nearest Metro Station: Akshardham.

  1. Lodhi Garden:

    The third place in the list of must visit places in Delhi is Lodhi Garden. Lodhi Garden could be a treat for you to visit as it is famous for what gardens are really famous for and I think you got it right, birds. It would be a great center for attraction for you if are a bird lover. Lodhi Garden attracts people towards it during the morning and the evening part as the birds are on their way home. Especially in the evening, when all the birds are returning home you can be just overwhelmed with the joy hearing the chirping of the birds and can also get sight of some of the elegant birds sitting in the trees or some of them flying just over you.lodhi garden

Main Attraction: The main attraction is the birds which could be seen and their chirping can take away all the tension away from our minds. Nearest Metro Station: Jor Bagh.

  1. India Gate:

    All-time favourite of anyone to be listed in the list of must visit places in Delhi, India Gate is one of the India’s largest heritage sites as it is a tribute to those brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the nation with a smile on their face in the Kargil War of 1999-2000. Arriving at India Gate just fills your heart with patriotism and the sense of gratitude towards the soldiers who didn’t give it a second thought fighting for our nation and for our safety. India Gate has all those names of brave soldiers engraved in it which is a small tribute to their bravery from the nation.India Gate

Main Attraction: India Gate is a treat to watch in the night when it is all covered with lights and the ambiance is great with everyone enjoying in different sort of lighting toys. It also attracts the attention as its ‘Amar Jawan Jyoti’ is lightened every time and with that, behind that there are the flags of the three armed forces of India, namely the Army, Navy and the Air Force. Nearest Metro Station: Central Secretariat.

  1. Gurduwara Bangla Sahib:

    Still not found what you are looking out for? Not to worry, there is a place which is so filled of positive energy that you cannot stop your feet from visiting this place and it is none other than Bangla Sahib. Bangla Sahib Gurudwara is one of those places which will lend your mind the peace that one is looking out for. The ambiance is so soothing that the moment you enter, you feel like full of energy. The other speciality of the gurudwara is that everyone is treated equally and they are termed as ‘Waheguruji’ meaning ‘The Almighty’. The soothing environment is added on with the Shabad Kirtan all the time increasing the positive energy multi folds. Sitting beside the Sarovar (the sacred lake) watching the fishes in the evening with mighty breeze touching your body gives a relaxing massage to the body. A must visit place in Delhi to find the inner peace.bangla sahib

Main Attraction: Soothing Ambiance and one could provide services anytime anywhere in the Gurudwara. Nearest Metro Station: Rajiv Chowk/ Patel Chowk.

  1. Cannaught Place/ Janpath:

    Are you a shopping freak? If yes, what could be a better place to visit for you than CP (Connaught Place). Connaught Place is home for the best branded showrooms and retail chains. The brand name that you think of and you can get here it in CP, whether it is from any product line including Clothing, Food, Retail Chains and what not? Coming to CP and not visiting Janpath, it’s being like coming to a temple and just folded hands from outside and not visiting inside. Janpath is a market for low priced but especially famous for clothing for girls. It is mostly crowded on weekend being holidays. connaught placeMain Attraction: The main attraction being the shopping arcade, it is also the place where you could see famous buildings and well established branded showrooms. Nearest Metro Station: Rajiv Chowk/Janpath

  2. Sarojini Nagar Market:

    As the name suggests, it is a marketplace where you can get everything you demand for from small grocery items to watches, clothes and various household items and on very reasonable prices. The market extends and covers a good area. It is best to visit Sarojini Nagar [SN] Market with a friend as you need a friend to take all your stuff as I can guarantee you once you enter the market, you won’t come out empty handed. If you are in Delhi, it needs something to be purchased or at least visit the market as it is in the list of must visit places in Delhi list.sarojini nagar market

Main Attraction: A market where you can get everything in a reasonable price so it has to be there in the list of must visit places in Delhi. Nearest Metro Station: INA

This is a small list of 7 must visit places in Delhi amongst all the old places that we have been hearing from our ancestors from ages. So next time whenever you have free time in Delhi, do explore these places and I bet you won’t be regretting visiting any of these places. If you like this article, please do let us know by liking and commenting on the section below and do let us know if there is a place which we have missed out but it needs to be there in the list of must visit places in Delhi.

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