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6 Must Visit Places in Nainital

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Hi friends! Have you ever been to Nainital, a beautiful hill station in the lap of the majestic Himalayas? If yes, have you visited these places; if not then the next time you are in Nainital, these are the places to look out for. Nainital or popularly known as Naini amongst the locals and the tourists, is also known as the city of lakes. Naini is a very well-known hill station, attracting lakhs of tourists on yearly basis. With this huge amount of traffic converging in from every nook and corner of the globe, Nainital has always provided what tourists come here for, ‘The Mental Peace’. Keeping all these things in mind, we have brought you a small list of must visit places in Nainital that will bring you a step closer to the nature and mental peace.

Must Visit Places in Nainital:

All said and done, now it’s time to check out the list:

Naina Peak

naina peak

The peak gets its name from the famous goddess in Nainital, Goddess Naina. Naina Peak is the highest point of Nainital. Not only it gives you a mesmerising view of the whole Nainital but also the Himalayas can be seen standing tall. It gives you a view to remember for a lifetime. Whether it is sunrise or sunset, you can enjoy it sitting amongst the forest of pine. The air is chilling cold in the winters during the morning and the evening. To know more about Naina Peak, click here.

Nainital High Altitude Zoo 

nainital high altitude zoo

The High Altitude Zoo in Nainital is one of its kinds. As you enter the zoo, you not only get to see the animals in the zoo but with that, an awesome view of the lake. One more thing that makes this zoo special is the animals are not just put in cages, instead they are provided an environment like a forest or their own habitat which shows the concern of the forest department that the animals are handled with utmost care. The animals can roam around in their own territory and people can also have a look at them.

Kainchi Dhaam

Kainchi Dhaam

Coming to Nainital and not visiting Kainchi Dhaam is like coming to Dev Bhoomi [God’s Land] and not visiting God. Kainchi Dhaam is famous for a very well-known saint Neeb Karouri Babaji. He is considered to be the incarnation of God in the region and rightly so because of all the miracles that he did for the people not only from India but to foreigners as well. We all know Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, but few of us know that before starting of Apple when Steve Jobs was in dilemma, he visited Babaji and Babaji showed him the way. Steve also advised Mark to visit Babaji when he failed to find a way out to his life. Both the examples are in front of us and there have been lots of such miracle stories that Babaji performed. Read more about Kainchi Dhaam and Steve Jobs.

Cave Garden, Sukhatal


Must be a surprising name for most of the people and many might be wondering how could a garden of caves be made? But it is a must visit place in Nainital, where one can see the caves that different animals and even apes lived in. The cave garden features caves including that of flying fox, tiger cave, the caves that apes used to live in and many more of them. So the next time you are to visit Nainital, Cave garden must be there in your list of must visit places.

Tiffin Top

tiffin top

What could one expect sitting at 6000 feet above sea level? Yeah, you got it right! The awesome view of nature, the green cover all around, the colour of peace showering from the snow covered peaks and yeah, the cool breeze freshen you up as it passes through you with a delicate touch on the cheeks. Don’t forget to keep it on your checklist. It is also known as Dorothy’s Seat after a famous British painter Dorothy Kellet, who used to sit here and tried to bring nature to life on her plain white drawing sheet.



Hey trekkers! Are you there, reading this article? Wanna go on a trek with nature? Pangot is here, welcoming you with open arms to come and explore the beauty of nature and take it to the world. Get ready to be one with nature with the awesome and untiring trek where you won’t feel like stopping and feel tired (the nature won’t allow you to do so, it’s so refreshing). If you are coming to Pangot, then let’s also have a visit to the famous Kilbury Bird Sanctuary. Here, you won’t find just the local birds but the migratory birds have also made it their second home. A delight for the bird lovers is at the disposal by nature. This ends a small journey to a small list must visit places in Nainital.

Hope you will include these must visit places in your list when you visit Nainital for the next time. If you like this article, please do let us know in the comments section below and we will come up with many such articles in the future.

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